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“London, United Kingdom − “A sort of private members club on wheels.” This is the way how Simon Davis, the man behind The Rosebery, proudly defines his creation, a mobile restaurant and bar which is currently travelling to parties across Great Britain and Europe.

Keeping alive one of the icons of the traditional London transport, “The London Routemaster”, the 1966 diesel double-decker was sent to pension in 2005 when she travelled Rosebery Avenue, in the neighbourhood of Islington, for the last time. She would have been destined to rot if it had not been for Simon, who decided to convert her into the most glamorous, height-of-luxury 1930’s style dining room and cocktail bar of England.

The Rosebery was named after her last glorious route as Simon explained: “I love the name because it is very British, it has real emotional sense for this bus and it was also the name of our former Prime Minister.” This London iconic bus is now cheeringly travelling across the British countryside, boasting her elegance of a party bus for events…”

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