“When Spear’s was invited by The Rosebery’s owner Simon Davis to host a VIP Royal Ascot lunch for sixteen guests on board the most glamorous double-decker bus in the world, never has there been more diary-juggling in the second week of June. CEOs, Belgian private equity barons, Spear’s 500 property moguls, Hollywood blondes, Royal chocolate tycoons and Swiss billionaires all accepted the Spear’s call-up.

Such is the immaculate style of The Rosebery that all Spear’s guests were given Royal Enclosure badges so that they could have a quick look at the social competition, with guests squashed up next to each other in the club tents, and then hurry back to the more rarified 1930s-style comforts of The Rosebery for the rest of the day’s racing.

There aren’t many double-decker buses that have been profiled in Vanity Fair, but The Rosebery has. Vanity Fair described The Rosebery as a throwback to the glamorous Thirties when the magazine reported on the latest interiors of luxury transatlantic liners…”

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